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Advanced Time Management provides over 1,500 companies with employee time tracking and labor management. Advanced Time Management offers integration services with payroll, HR and security access. Our knowledgeable service team provides unmatched value in training, configuration, and support services.

Time and attendance software Attendance Enterprise and Attendance on Demand reduce employee overtime, improve payroll accuracy, and manage labor. Advanced Time Management assists with:

  • Tracking employee time and wage information
  • Automating the entire punch-to-paycheck process
  • Controlling employee absenteeism and overtime
  • Complying with labor laws and union rules through accurate recordkeeping

Choose the timekeeping option that works for you. Time clocks collect employee punches using badges, key fobs or even biometric information such as a hand or finger template scan. Online time sheet options also collect and report time and attendance data using an internet browser for Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service.

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