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Affordable Care Act

After completing your 2015 filing for ACA, you may want to sit back and take a break until next year, but managing the Affordable Care Act requirements is a year-long process.The ongoing monitoring and management of your employees are key to staying in compliance with this mandate.Advanced Time offers several tools to ease this burden.With our ACA tools, you can:

  • Manage employee status for healthcare eligibility
  • Automate service hour calculations using lookback method
  • Track new and seasonal employees
  • Remind supervisors when tracking periods end
  • Proactively manage full and part time status by seeing exactly how many hours an employee can work before crossing the threshold
  • Receive alerts when employees approach full-time status
  • Calculate information for IRS forms


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PPACA Resources:

Learn more about how Advanced Time can help you address the challenges of on-going employee management related to ACA.

PPACA and Educational Employers: Which Employees Qualify for Coverage?

PPACA regulations have increased the need for time and attendance oversight in every organization and will be one of the biggest challenges facing school districts 

PPACA Hourly Threshold

Strategies for managing coverage eligibility of part-time workers in retail, hospitality and health care 

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