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What are your Support hours and how do I contact you?
Our knowledgeable support staff is available to assist you M-F from 8:00-5:00 EST. Click here for complete support information.
What is time and attendance software?
Time and attendance software, sometimes called time tracking software, tracks employee working time (start time, end time, breaks), and applies an organization's wage and pay rate rules for automated calculation of gross payroll totals. At Advanced Time Management, time and attendance is what we do! Employee scheduling and labor reporting are important parts of a time tracking system. Tracking begins when a worker swipes a card, badge, or a finger or hand at the time clock. Both Attendance Enterprise and Attendance on Demand automate, analyze and manage that employee time and wage data and can meet the needs of organizations large and small.
What is the difference between Attendance Enterprise and Attendance on Demand?
Both products offer the same comprehensive employee time tracking and labor management capabilities. You make the choice that is right for your organization, whether it is the license-based, on-premise Attendance Enterprise software or the subscription, cloud-based Attendance on Demand. Attendance Enterprise is great for companies that have the IT infrastructure and staff to manage the software and hardware in-house. You purchase a license for the number of users and employees and our staff work with your IT staff to deploy the software in your environment. Attendance on Demand is the choice for companies that want to minimize upfront expenses and overcome the costs and chronic shortage of qualified technical IT personnel available in-house. Attendance on Demand is delivered over highly secure networks on a subscription basis, or per-employee basis. You get top-notch features without major infrastructure investments in servers and software. Monthly billing gives you a reliable figure that you can budget for month after month.
What size does my company have to be?
Any size company in virtually any industry can use and benefit from employee time tracking. Large companies benefit from our time-tested technology and experience. We can manage and filter large amounts of employee information so supervisors can focus on only relevant employee information. Per-employee pricing makes Attendance on Demand a practical choice for even the smallest company.
My company has several locations, how will time tracking work for us?
No matter how many locations your company has, Advanced Time Management can streamline employee attendance management and consolidate reporting. Automating your pay rules for increased accuracy and improving efficiency are our top priorities.
Is the system flexible enough for my organization's requirements?
Yes. Attendance Enterprise and Attendance on Demand is implemented to reflect your unique requirements. Based on your information we collect about your organizational structure and pay policies, we define user groups and select the add-on modules you need. Our software easily handles a variety of complex pay rules, leave policies, rounding policies, scheduling, reporting and more. We can even help you comply with federal, state and industry labor laws related to overtime and compensation. Our configuration tools and skilled professionals implement a flexible solution for your company in a matter of hours.
Is cloud-computing a cost-effective method of handling time and attendance?
Attendance on Demand is an affordable alternative to buying time and attendance software. Subscription rates are cost-effective. You pay for the employees that you manage and budget easily because monthly costs are predictable. Attendance on Demand eliminates upfront investments in software licenses, server and network hardware, dedicated support personnel, and other costly requirements.
What equipment do I need to use Attendance on Demand?
Your company only needs a PC, an Internet browser, and connection to access Attendance on Demand through a company-specific URL. Attendance on Demand features a straightforward and easy-to-understand user interface.
What about data security and backup?
Attendance on Demand is in a hosted environment that is physically sound, network secure, reliably available, and monitored around the clock. Backups are maintained on a continuous basis, which means you are covered in the unlikely event of data loss.
Can we use our existing payroll services and pay rules?
Attendance Enterprise and Attendance on Demand integrate with traditional time clocks as well as HR and payroll software systems. The experts at Advanced Time Management configure your system and handle unique pay rules such as:
  • Managing time off requests
  • Automatically accruing leave accumulation
  • Sharing data with payroll software
Can I restrict users to specific areas of employee information?
Yes. Each user is assigned a user group. You can set up restrictions by area of the system or by task for different user groups, such as your payroll manager, supervisor, team leader, and employee. For example, you can grant a team leader access to information for only the employees he or she is responsible for. Similarly, you can grant an employee the right to punch, but restrict the same employee from making workgroup transfers.
Can you support multiple sets of policies for different groups of employees, such as full time employees and part time employees?
Yes. You can set up policies for different groups of employees, such as different pay periods, different overtime rules, holiday payment rules, and so on.
What time clock is best for my organization?
Choosing time clocks is not difficult with the help of your salesperson and our technical staff. Your representative will make sure you purchase the right time recorders for your work site and your budget. Ask yourself these questions:
  • What time clocks are currently installed? Our web hosted time and attendance system, Attendance on Demand, can work with most time clocks. If your time clocks are older or uncommon this process may require some time or expense.
  • What is the budget? Attendance on Demand offers an extensive range of time clocks—from the low-priced, yet reliable, swipe time clocks to the multi-functional biometrics time clocks.
  • How many employees need to punch In and Out? A time recorder's storage space is important in mid-sized and larger organizations. The number of employees needing to punch affects the type of time clocks you choose and the optimal number to purchase.
  • Do you want to prevent employees from punching for their coworkers? Requiring employees to punch in using a hand or finger eliminates "buddy punching" by guaranteeing that all employees are physically present for their shifts.
  • Do your employees travel frequently or work remotely? Telephone-based punching gives your employees the ability to punch from any location, at any time. Additionally, Employee Self Service provides web access from any Internet browser.
What is the benefit of using biometrics?
Biometric time clocks use features of the body to identify individuals. Your finger or hand can identify you. Because a finger or hand is now a bio-key, badges, identification cards, passwords, or personal identification numbers are not necessary, but can be added for additional security. Biometrics does not infringe upon personal liberties. The hand and finger readers offered do not take pictures of your employees' hands or fingers or reproduce handprints or fingerprints. Employees frequently arrive on time with the use of a biometric time clock, since coworkers cannot swipe a badge for them (known as buddy punching). Moreover, unauthorized persons are kept out of restricted areas if the biometric time clock is linked to security access.
Do I have to use time clocks?
Time clocks are not mandatory. Attendance on Demand is fully integrated with two optional web services: Employee Self Service (ESS) and Kiosk. Using either of these tools, you can eliminate the need for time clocks to collect employee punches, departmental transfers, or time card approvals. Employees can perform those tasks from a web browser. With ESS, employees can punch from any location. They also can access their own employee history and personal information. Kiosk is usually set up on a shared computer so many employees can use the system.
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